Treasurer’s Corner

Karen (Mrs. Don) Johnson, IFMC Treasurer
3680 N. Maywood Dr., Boise, ID 83704
Tel.: 376-4535

Dear Treasurers,

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to volunteer in a marvelous organization. Music is a wonderful, inspiring, and healthy activity to participate in. Being a good treasurer is absolutely vital to the success of your club. Take your job seriously. Make sure that the club funds are separate from your personal accounts. Keep all of your records in detail so that if questioned about any of your transactions, you will have the answers. Put the deadlines in your calendar and send dues and other obligations to the state in a timely manner. Checks should be written to “IFMC”. Your books should be audited at least every other year by 2-3 other members of the club. Usually, it is not necessary to be bonded as you most of you do not handle enough money to warrant the expense at the local level. This website contains the due dates for the coming year and the “pink” sheet which you may print off and send to me (preferably in pink but white is acceptable).

If you ever have any questions, please e-mail me at or call me at 208-376-4535. I am still learning the job, but I will find the answers for you.

Hope you have a good year.

Karen Johnson

Treasurer, Idaho Federation of Music Clubs

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