Junior Compositions

Chair:  Karla Briggs

Email: briggs.karla@gmail.com

Junior Composition awards are given in the following four levels:

          Junior Class I    –  ages 9 and under

          Junior Class II   –  ages 10 – 12

          Junior Class III  – ages 13 – 15

          Junior Class IV  –   ages 16 – 18

The first place award is $75, second place – $50, and third place – $25.

The state first place winners are then sent to the NFMC Western Region competition.

Entry fee:        State  – $15.00

                        NFMC – $5.00

                        Total    $20.00 to the Idaho Federation of Music Clubs (IFMC)

The deadline for the complete application, entry fee, and materials to be received by the state chairman is February 1 of each year.

The application for this competition is the NFMC Junior Composition competition entry form,  #JR 7-2. The form is uploaded to NFMC through their website.

More information and forms >>